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LiveFyre.comLiveFyre is a new system that can be used to take part of real time conversations on the World Wide Web. These fall into two main categories: “Raging fyres” and “Breaking fyres”, and the featured list of topics includes “Entertainment”, “Politics”, “Economy & Finance”, “Marketing”, “Travel”, “Science”, “Tech” … there is something for everybody here, and you can start following conversations very easily indeed.


Moreover, both “Trending on Twitter” and “Trending on Google” links are featured for you to check out and find what the world is talking about at any given time.

Conversations on the site can be started about just anything that is trending, and that includes not only blog posts but also pictures that are doing the social rounds as well as the latest memes. It is even possible to start spreading a “fyre” around a tweet, actually, so that there is really no shortage of resources for sparking up a debate.

Besides, a bookmarklet is provided for you to bring the conversation wherever you are, without having to rely on visiting the LiveFyre page every single time you want to engage into discursive action. So, it is safe to say that if you feel like talking some hours away this new service will let you do it no matter where you are or who you already know. In Their Own Words

“LiveFyre is a place for topical, public, live-streaming conversation and debate between friends and people who like the same stuff you do. Start a Fyre about virtually anything- articles, blog posts, videos, tweets, you name it, then pose a question or statement to spark the debate. Live threading, Breakout conversations, stream filtering, and a host of other new features help organize live conversation like never before. And what good is Fyre without fuel? LiveFyre easily ties in to Twitter and Facebook so you can spread the Fyre to your friends and help it grow.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an engaging way of talking about what is trending with like-minded individuals.

Some Questions About

Can you take part of multiple conversations at the very same time?


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