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LittleWriteBrain.comHow can we instil writing habits in our children? I am sure many would say that such a thing is harder than ever since the Internet came along. But that position is short-sighted bar none. The Internet does not make things harder (or instantly easier, for that matter). All it does is to modify the dynamics in which things are done. It is up to people to put it to great/bad uses. And as far as making children take a liking to writing at an early age is concerned, this is a truly good site.

Essentially, Little Write Brain provides the younger ones with all the tools they could ever need to write short stories and have them shared with all of their friends, and with other children that also happen to use the site. Both a character builder and a story builder are provided, and children get to use these in order to create a storybook of their very own.

The company provides free online storage to all its clients, and anything the children create can be printed in the highest quality, and delivered right away. The children will then be able to share what they have created with all their older relatives and grandparents. In Their Own Words

Free online story writing for kids.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let the small ones indulge in their creativity, in the healthiest way of all.

Some Questions About

What else can kids do through the site? What is planned?