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LitmusApp.comThere is nothing more embarrassing than coming up with what you claim to be an application to write home about only to find that it doesn’t work on this or that browser. Well, if you are making such claims that is unlikely – you will make an effort to test it on anything that boots up.


But there are people who don’t have such a chance, like the guy in the garret that comes up with a low-scale project that is still very useful and which entails a lot of hard work on him. It is exactly that kind of individual who will put a tool like Litmus to its best use.

Essentially, Litmus is a compatibility tool. That is, using it anybody can test how any application would run on this or the other browser, and avoid having to do that manually.

But the testing abilities of Litmus do not end there since you can also employ it to see how readable a newsletter is on different email clients. That is a good combination indeed – you get to see how accessible the different strands of your company truly are, as you can learn if your site is reachable and also if the newsletter that goes with it can be read by everybody. In Their Own Words

“The advanced testing tool for web professionals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Compatibility is a major issue. Always will be. Solutions like this one make things easier on everybody.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? Is there a free trial provided? What are its limitations?


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