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ListSafer.comSafety and security considerations are what prevent many people from buying anything online. While the system has proven to do well, there are people who are reticent to send money electronically to someone they can not talk or even see in person.


I do understand that to a certain extent. I mean, how do you know that the person on the other side is not a conman that is going to vanish the moment the payment is received?

There is no definitive answer to that question, yet a service like ListSafer goes some way into making everything more transparent. In general terms, using it you will be capable of adding a profile page to each and every listing that you post on the WWW. In this way, prospective customers can have a sort of previous understanding of who you are and do that complements the information they can find on your “About Us” pages.

Besides, the profile that you add comes complete with a rating. That can give anybody an even faster appreciation of where your company stands on the whole. In Their Own Words

“Add your profile, complete with ratings and reviews, to your listings

ListSafer helps you build trust with potential buyers.

ListSafer also helps you reduce fraud by giving you ratings and reviews of potential buyers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Customers are known to like this kind of service – anything that lets them have a better representation of the way online retailers stand is intrinsically attractive to them.

Some Questions About

How is this implemented from a technical point of view?


Author : Roger Hollings

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