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ListenVoice.comA social learning platform, ListenVoice lets students dispense with writing notes and proceed to record them instead by way of their mobile phones. And the social aspect is represented by the fact that users can not only record and save notes – they can actually share them with fellow classmates, and any person who could use a helping hand at that.


The main advantage such a system has for individual users is that they can multitask – IE, they can study and revise subjects while they are doing something such as exercising or shopping. That is on paper, obviously – whether you will able to concentrate yourself while taking care of such activities is an entirely different matter. But I just guess that some can do it.

And the ability to share notes means that study groups can split the work among themselves and create the notes more quickly and nimbly.

The ultimate objective of the site is to truly change the ways in which people study and revise their subjects. If you think the site has potential (or if you just feel curious enough), I advice you to give it a try in person – you can get started at no cost. In Their Own Words

“Create voice notes & learn on the go.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers an interesting take on the studying/revising paradigm – everything gains fluidity.

Some Questions About

How many plans are already provided?


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