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Linkable.comLinkable is yet another online bookmark manager, but it must be said that the service is very polished and that using the site feels really comfortable right from the very beginning. By signing up for Linkable you will receive a personalized URL where you will be able to drag and drop your links into different categories (that you set down yourself, of course), and each link that you share will come complete with its very own favicon.


Note that this personalized URL (which is created for free, by the way) can be kept as public or private as you want. If the bookmarks that you intend to share have a certain poignancy or sensibility you can always make them accessible only to a group of friends or colleagues. A password will be generated to these purposes.

And in case you already have a wide collection of bookmarks on Delicious, note that you will be able to import them into your Linkable account in a mere couple of clicks. Of course, you are also allowed to import them from your browser. In Their Own Words

“Linkable lets you organize all your bookmarks on a single page that you can access anywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is easy to use – the layout is intuitive, and an account is created for free.

Some Questions About

Can you import your bookmarks from other services besides Delicious?


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