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Licorize.comLicorize is a breath of fresh air into something that is as stagnant as the online management of projects. The ace aspect of Licorize is that it takes all the activity of users on the World Wide Web, no matter how seemingly disparate it can be, and makes something coherent out of it.


Licorize will gather together all your status updates and all the links that you share on sites such as Delicious, and it will use that information as part of any project that you are involved with. All that data is then reorganized and tagged into an environment where everybody can see how his team mates are working, what sites they have been to and which tasks have already been completed.

In this way, something as the social bookmarking of web pages and the act of updating your status on services such as Facebook and Twitter is turned into an active part of any project that your team has to undertake.

Licorize is in alpha, but a fully-functional account can be created for free by just anybody. Support for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices will become available shortly, too. In Their Own Words

“Turn web page bookmarking and status updates into projects, ideas, teams at work with this minimalistic and fast to-do manager.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it brings a whole new level of interconnectivity to the way in which people have always worked together and collaborated.

Some Questions About

Which mobile devices will be supported first?


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