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Libox.comBy now, it is obvious even to the biggest disbelievers around that Cloud computing is the future of both data storage and sharing. And those who still refuse to believe it would probably change their minds upon visiting a site like this one.


Libox is a new storage solution that will let you upload any file of yours just once and then turn it into something that can be accessed from any spot in which there is an Internet connection available. And Libox also doubles as a tool for collaboration since you can proceed to share the data privately in just two or three clicks.

What’s more, the media that you upload to the site and that is streamed to other computers is kept in its original format – its original resolution and dimensions are maintained intact.

And did I mention that the service is not only free but also completely limitless as far as storage goes? You can upload as much as you want to the site – usage and setup fees are nowhere to be found. In Their Own Words

“All your media anywhere. HD sharing with your friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one turns storing and sharing media into something direct and effective, if only because it is free and the data that you upload is not scaled in any sense.

Some Questions About

How will the company accommodate a really large influx of users?


Author : Roger Hollings

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