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LetUsInnovate.comThe Let Us Innovate website offers a wide set of tools whose objective is to help anybody come up with brand-new ideas of its own. The site fosters creative thinking by using so many different techniques that everybody is bound to find something to suit his or her own imagination.


For example, some of the processes that you are introduced to here are the ones employed by world-renowned organisations such as the CIA, NASA and McDonalds. That is the case of the “Brute Force” technique that associates random words with any given problem, and also the process known as the “Phoenix List” – a process extensively employed the Central Information Agency.

Once you have thought something worthwhile up using these or any of the 20 tools and techniques which are featured, you can then choose to share what you have devised with other site users, or keep your ideas to yourself. Sharing ideas is all the more advisable if only because you will have a readier chance to develop them further on. If the “two head think better than one” saying is indeed true, then one can only conclude that a worldwide community can but do wonders for creativity. In Their Own Words

“Let Us Innovate is a collection of tools and techniques for individuals to come up with new ideas and share them, whether it’s for a business, book, art or anything. We made this website as we noticed there was a lack of sites out there that focus on individuals specifically following certain processes to come up with ideas, as most websites simply just focus on users sharing ideas.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site focuses on letting people solve real life problems. The featured tools are completely free to use, and no registration is necessary to start employing them and sharing ideas.

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In which languages is this available? Shouldn’t more languages be added?


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