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LetsGift.It – Buy Gifts With Your Friends

LetsGift.ItWith its ability to let people decide on what to buy for a friend when his birthday comes and to collect funds in a really direct way, LetsGift.It stands as the perfect platform for avoiding the problems that arise when trying to coordinate something as complex as the collective buying of gifts.


Usable for free and without the need to fill out any kind of lengthy registration form, LetsGift.It enables people to start group gifts and invite friends to contribute in their purchase. These can actually be imported from sites such as Facebook in no time at all, so that the process is anything but complex. And friends can likewise be imported from any major email provider

The way the whole application works, people are allowed to contribute the amount they can afford. That is, nobody is required to contribute a minimum sum of money for the contribution to compute. Whatever one can contribute is OK. This raises the usability quotient of the site more than considerably, as it turns LetsGift.It into a service which could accommodate the needs and gift-buying capabilities of just anybody.

LetsGift.It In Their Own Words

Group gifting made easy.

Why LetsGift.It It Might Be A Killer

Such an application turns group gifting into something easy to pull off, and something to which everybody can contribute to since no minimum amount of money needs to be donated.

Some Questions About LetsGift.It

In which ways can this platform become better-developed, now? LetsGift.It


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