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LeaveMaster.comHandling the leave of employees is not necessarily easy if only because some misunderstandings might arise as regards how many days one is truly allowed to take off and so forth. That is one of the reasons why having a somehow automatic way to process it all would not go amiss.

The site under review will let you to do that, as employees will be capable of booking their holidays through it in an unequivocal way. In addition to that, resources are provided for you as an employer to reduce impact that the absence of employees necessarily brings about.

That is, the provided dashboard will let you ensure that no area or section of your company is leaft understaffed, and before granting any leave you will be empowered to see who is working and who is not at a given date clearly.

It goes without saying that this application can create absenteeism reports, but what has to be mentioned because it is quite novel is that it can work out patterns and detect trends on the spot. This is not only novel but actually incredibly useful, and if you couple it with other features such as the ability to calculate the ongoing Bradford Factor score for each and every employee then it turns into a versatile tool indeed. In Their Own Words

“Web based powerful leave management solution, online employee leave management.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Employers are certainly going to find the abilities it has to analyze and predict behavioral patterns a solid asset.

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