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Kupima.comKupima is a feedback system for webmasters. It lets them know exactly how visitors see their sites by conducting video tests that showcase how real users react to the designs and layouts they have gone for. Each and every test that can be conducted through Kupima is capable of providing webmasters with a concise understanding of the problems that users can experience when sitting in front of their sites, as these tests are not generic but actually defined by the webmasters themselves. They can set the tasks that they would like users to perform, and then the feedback questions that they feel like asking.


And the way tests are assigned, only people matching the user requirements that the webmasters set down are actually invited to do them. Webmasters are eventually empowered to see the results of all the tests which are conducted via the dashboard they get when they register for the site.

Three types of tests can be administered via Kupima: Questionnaire, Standard Video and Premium Video. The one named Questionnaire is not a video test in itself, but rather a plain text test. In Their Own Words

Affordable video feedback of real users testing your website.

Some Questions About

Can these tests be promoted via Facebook and Twitter by webmasters themselves?


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