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KommandCore.comManaging projects is getting easier by the day. There are so many platforms released that try to yank the rug from beneath each other’s feet that users can but be benefited by such a display of features and functionalities


In the case of Kommand Core, projects can be managed and brought to a satisfactory conclusion by way of advanced communication features.

The possibilities it gives in that sense are such that it is even possible to get in touch with people from outside your company.

Besides, when you are sending files to those you are collaborating with it is possible to make use of a “preview” feature. That way, if your collaborator made a mistake and sent you files he had already sent you will be able to figure that out beforehand and avoid wasting time downloading duplicate files.

As you can expect, there are many plans to have your pick from. It is interesting noting that the one difference lies in the actual storage space you will have. There is no difference in the number of users – unlimited participants are supported in each and every case. The same applies to the number of projects – there is not a limit at all. In Their Own Words

“Online service KommandCore – is your «workplace» making available project system planning in the way of lively communication, «live» actual image by the project, effective control for information flows, influence and agile management of project progress and its accomplishment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Communication is always a tricky issue, specially when we are talking about distributed workforce. This tool considerably simplifies it all.

Some Questions About

How much does the basic plan cost, and who is it mainly aimed at?


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