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Kiwili.comSimply put, Kiwili is an Internet tool for the management of both staff and clients. This Montreal-based startup provides everybody with a centralized dashboard that at times resembles a Facebook wall. The different staff members will be able to communicate with each other by posting messages there, and they will see a stream with the activity of their coworkers at all times.


The manager is obviously the one who creates projects and assigns tasks to the different staff personnel, and the provided interface makes for adding clients and invoicing them in a really easy way. Quotes can be sent and approved online, detailed statements can be sent in just two or three clicks, and payments can be received via PayPal. Plus, clear reports can be generated, and the data included in them can be exported both to Excel and PDF.

In final place, it has to be pointed out that Kiwili also functions as a business community that connects entrepreneurs among themselves, and lets them explore new opportunities. In Their Own Words

Kiwili is a management web application and a social utility that connects businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The approach is certainly intelligent – having staff members collaborate around a social stream means they will find everything instantly familiar.

Some Questions About

In which other ways does the site take after Facebook (if any)?


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