– Sharing Links Between Devices

Kippt.comKippt will put an end to the tedious practice of having to email files to yourself so that you can access them on all the different devices you habitually use. With Kippt, you will be able to have both links and pieces of text shared among your every device, by using a web-based clipboard. This web-based clipboard will let you transport the content from one device to the other.

Items can be added to this clipboard manually, and also by way of the provided bookmarklet. And social integration is also provided, letting you have things shared even faster.

A service like Kippt will be great for creating lists of any kind when you are on the go. And if you are the creative type, you will be able to set down ideas for songs or poems and save yourself the disappointment of forgetting them afterwards.

Kippt accounts cost nothing, and if you want to get going even faster you can authenticate who you are via Google, Twitter or Facebook. In Their Own Words

With Kippt you can share links and text between your laptop, iPad and other devices.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it means you will no longer have to send links to yourself via email just to be able to access them later on.

Some Questions About

Which devices lend themselves best to this application? Or does Klippt work equally well in each and every case?