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Kidbox.netLetting your little kids access the Internet on their own is absolutely out of the question. You either stand by their side every single minute they’re online, or you get an application that filters the kind of content they come across on the web. And Kidbox is exactly that kind of application. It can limit the content that your little ones have access to on the Internet. Kidbox can filter sites, games and videos, and you

(as the parent) can have your own input on everything. You can prioritize these categories that you want your children to focus their time on when they’re online.


So, if you want them to focus on educational videos instead of spending all their time playing games then you can easily fix that. In each and every case, your children will have everything laid out on a simple, intuitive interface that also looks really good.

Kidbox is available in English and in Spanish, and pretty soon it’ll also be available in Portuguese.

And other web services that have been created to let children enjoy the Internet safely include Kidyos and PikLuk. In Their Own Words

Safe and fun Internet for kids!

Some Questions About

Will even more languages be supported later on?


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