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KarmaCRM.comKarma CRM is a new web application that will let you keep your leads and contacts fully in track, and do all that there is within your grasp to ensure that your customers are getting a professional service from start to finish.


Karma CRM can be used to create deals and send proposals to any person who is in your list of contacts.

These deals can have as many files attached to them as you want, too.

Moreover, newsletter can be created and sent out in a simple way. And the results of such marketing campaigns are measurable in a direct way, too. That is made possible because Karma CRM integrates with Mail Chimp. And that isn’t the only service it integrates with, as support both for FreshBooks and Highrise is provided.

Best of all, this application can be used for free during the current beta phase. Once this phase comes to an end, a tiered pricing model will be offered. In general terms, you are going to be charged according to how much you use Karma CRM. In Their Own Words

“KarmaCRM will help you keep all your sales leads and contacts neat and tidy. This customer relationship manager hides a powerful backend system behind a clean, simple and usable interface.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fully-featured solution that works on the browser from start to finish.

Some Questions About

When are paid plans going to be announced?


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