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JustFits.comIf talent seems to give your company a wide berth, then it is time to take a different stance and go look for it yourself. Which is anything but difficult if you let an application like this one do the job. JustFits turns the whole process around, as instead of having people apply to your job openings it will let you go and look through these LinkedIn profiles that are suitable, and through all these resumes which are already posted on the Web.


In this way, you will be taking a definitely more proactive stance when it comes to the hiring of talent. It is you who will approach talented people, and show them that their skills will be appreciated at your company.

And Fits also lets you make sense of these resumes that you have already collected – it will let you index them all, and search them in a more logical way – filtering everything by age, by education, by special skills… In Their Own Words

Proactive hiring solution, recruiting tool for employers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform will let recruiters and HR managers take a more proactive stance when it comes to hiring personnel – the equation is reversed.

Some Questions About

Is the service going to be updated beyond this current point?


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