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Just-Ping.comJust Ping provides people with a remote website monitoring service that costs nothing, and that can be used from any PC or Mac. This service is powered by Watchmouse, and it basically lets you do an online ping from any of 50 different worldwide locations.


In case you have no idea what a ping is, it suffices to say that it is an Internet protocol utility that can be used to determine to which extent any site is reachable. A ping is instrumental in establishing the round-trip time for messages that have been sent to a destination computer on the Internet protocol network that is being tested.

In other words: by doing a ping, you will get to realize whether people can access your site as you intended or not.

As a service, Just Ping comes with a wealth of different commands for testing specific issues. For example, you can suppress the loopback of multicast packets, and allocate (and set) 20 bit flow labels on echo request packets. I know this is all a bit technical, but if you try the site out now you will realize things are easier than they look on paper. In Their Own Words

Free online ping from 50 locations worldwide.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free and reliable way to know how accessible your site truly is.

Some Questions About

How knowledgeable must you really be to use a service like this one, and get the best of it?


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