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Joliprint.comWe can all tell a similar story of how once we wanted to print a site or a blog only to waste a good pair of sheets and deplete our ink cartridges because the site was absolutely printer-unfriendly. Well, that is now set to become a thing of the past. This website will see to that. Named Joliprint, it can be used to rearrange any page that you need printed in a way that will look good on paper, and that preserves the actual content intact.


This is done automatically. All you are supposed to do is to supply the URL of the page to be printed for Joliprint to work its magic. And a bookmarklet is also provided for you to add Joliprint to your browser and have pages printed without batting an eyelid.

Finally, it is vital to mention that bloggers and webmasters can actually get the provided Joliprint button and have it added to their blogs and sites. In this way, people will be able to print their content and take it with them wherever they go. In Their Own Words

Print friendly & PDF your blogs and websites.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will save you the anger that comes from trying to print sites that have not really been designed with such an operation in mind.

Some Questions About

Will more browsers be eventually supported?


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