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JobKaster.comSo, you’ve finally created an online resume using the many intelligent resume creation tools we’ve reviewed such as JobSpice and, and still nothing happens. Nobody’s emailing or calling you, and asking you to come over for an interview. OK, don’t worry. Time to try a different strategy. Time to use a site like JobKaster instead. Simply put, JobKaster is a location-based application for finding open positions, and applying to them by broadcasting your professional profile to recruiters.

And if you’re a recruiter yourself, then you can find new talent in the country you are in (or any country your company is going to open new offices in) by panning and zooming the provided map, and filtering candidates by profession. And you can also instruct JobKaster to notify you when suitable candidates are nearby.

JobKaster has been built using HTML5, and it works on desktops, smartphones and tablets. The site is in public beta right now. You can visit it right here, and do as many searches as you want. You won’t be charged anything. In Their Own Words

Helping recruiters find talented people and talented people find jobs.

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How many users has the site already got? In which countries has the service been better-received?