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Jerela.comHiring freelancers and independent contractors is always problematic in the sense that (even when a friend or a close associate has recommended them to you) there is no true way to realize how diligent they are. That is, you have no real way of knowing how they are managing their time. Some would say that such a thing is not a problem as long as they submit their work when they are supposed to do it. But few employers are actually so lenient. Hence, tools like Jerela are available.


Jerela will let you track the time that contractors spend working on any project of yours. And the best bit might as well be that the application can track not only the time that people are spending sitting in front of their computers, but also when they are away from them. That is possible because Jerela lets you define tasks as project-related or not by setting down the relevant criteria in advance.

In the end, it is entirely obvious that a person will work harder the moment he knows his activity is going to be supervised. It might not sit that well with some of the people you currently employ on a freelance basis, but those who work really hard will relish having the chance of showcasing how reliable they are. In Their Own Words

Verify time worked by contractors with visual reports.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Jerela stands as a foolproof way of knowing who is really pushing forwards on a distributed team, and who is actually hampering its progress.

Some Questions About

What else is this application good for? Where else could it be used?


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