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iVotePolls.comRamping up the uses polls can have is the one aim of this new website. iVotePolls stands as a community for the creation of polls which also has a very developed social side to it. That is felt in the way polls relate to each other once they have been created, as polls are completely interconnected and the person who has answered one gets to learn about these polls that have anything to do with the one he has already completed. In this way, a true web of opinions and discussions is woven, and people can get to make new connections based on these similarities that arise. Or based on these differences that are perceived, too.

Polls are created in a mere couple of clicks, as all the user has to do is supply the question to be answered and all the possible options to choose from along with the category the poll should be placed into. Nothing more needs to be disclosed, and once the poll has been created it will be spotlighted on the “Featured Polls” category.

And in case the polls created on this site fail to let you arrive at the answers you are after, then a site like Quibblo is a good alternative to keep in mind. You can create not only polls but also quizzes and surveys there.

iVotePolls.com In Their Own Words

Create polls for free! Vote polls, fun polls.

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