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iTweetLive.comWhen it comes to growing a brand online, nobody would be fool enough to turn his back on something such as Twitter. Not today, what with accounts of reputations being made and lost there surfacing at every turn. Take the way in which companies such as Amazon and Sony handled updates and communications on the social web during the recent shortages. That was plainly appalling, with both companies failing to acknowledge the true depth of what was going on.

That was one of the clearest examples seen in recent times of what not to do with your punters on social media. And it comes as no surprise that a site like iTweetLive has been released now – a site for having meaningful conversations with all your fans/supporters on the Twitterverse.

This free application will let you find each and every conversation that is being had on the social web where your company is mentioned. Your company, or any keyword that you have singled out due to its relevance to your line of business. Whatever people are saying, you will be able to hop along and speak what needs to be spoken to give everybody a professional (and caring) image. In Their Own Words

Real time conversation engine that will help you dynamically connect and communicate with your audience in great numbers, faster, and with a personal tone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Responsible brand managers understand the importance of staying abreast of what is being said on social circles, and that is what this app will let them do in no time at all.

Some Questions About

What else can this be used for? Who else would benefit from iTweetLive?