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IPAddress.comThe IP Address website provides users with a truly comprehensive set of IP tools, all of which can be used for free, and straight from the site. You won’t have to download anything at all – it is all browser-based.


Let’s enumerate these tools: “My IP”, “IP Lookup”, “Reverse IP”, “Hide IP”, “WhoIs” and “Trace Email”. I don’t have to tell you what most of these do. It is all obvious.

The one and only thing that has to be mentioned is that each single one of these is fast and very accurate, pinpointing the exact location of the person you have looked up and having it displayed on a Google Map for you to make much clearer associations. If someone has been trying to access you computer from a different part of the world and you managed to capture his IP, this site will let you figure out exactly who you are dealing with.

The site also features a list of the most recent queries that it has dealt with, including both the latest IPs and reverse IPs that have been looked up and all the Whois queries that have been processed. In Their Own Words

“The Best IP Address Tools At Your Fingertips”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No matter what you want to do – find your IP address, trace your IP address, look up an IP, trace an email header… this site will let you do it through any of its multiple tools.

Some Questions About

How will this site be further developed, now?


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