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IntuitionHQ.comLike those who have to design anything, the ones who build websites have to deal with the fact that what the client wants and what the client can put down in words are two different things altogether. The one way of getting around such a situation is by asking the client at different points of the process whether the direction they are headed is the one he wants them to go.

If you are wondering how such a thing could be accomplished in a way that doesn’t come across as patronizing or overbearing, this is a good site for you to check out. What it does is to let you carry out usability tests whereby the client can give you his or her timely feedback, and you can make any modification while there is still time.

In this way, the site is designed, and the client has had the right amount of input – nothing more, and nothing less. Everybody is involved in a meaningful way, and the end product is something which leaves both parties happy.

Signing up for this service is free. So is creating and previewing tests. And the one and only fee that has to be paid is $ 5 per test the moment the test itself goes live at the end of the process, when collecting as much information as possible is the aim. In Their Own Words

“Now it’s easy to make usability testing part of every project. Spend less time, improve your designs and impress your clients.

It’s free to signup and create tests. Add as many questions as you need and share a preview with your client. Pay only $5 USD to make your test live and record an unlimited number of responses.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a tool that makes for testing out any design project whatsoever and making any change that the client might request while there is still time.

Some Questions About

Is this service worth its price tag?