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InstaPage.comInstaPage offers something which is quite novel any way you look at it, namely landing pages that can update themselves intelligently. InstaPage gives webmasters the chance to have sites that can learn from visitors’ reactions, and adapt the content that they are actually showing. This is accomplished by coupling advanced predictive technology with a dead-simple interface that is letting anybody come up with a landing page in minutes. And even faster than that if he goes for any of the landing page themes that are featured.


Webmasters are provided with full analytics and page performance stats, along with learning progress charts that show exactly how well the assimilation process is going on.

The four plans that are provided are “Basic”, “Standard”, “Plus” and “Pro”. In all cases, users can create an unlimited number of landing pages, and they are given access to the very same set of stats and proven page themes. But there are differences concerning the number of custom domains that can be used, and the monthly unique visitors that are supported. All four plans come with a 30-day free trial. In Their Own Words

The World’s First SELF LEARNING Landing Pages.

Some Questions About

How is this done from a technical point of view? Which programming languages have been used?


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