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Initializr.comHTML5 is still something new to many, and coming up with one such page from scratch can prove a bit taxing. That is where services such as Initializr come in.


Essentially, Initializr can let you have a basic HTML5 page created for you. You are requested to specify the exact elements and components that you want the page to have, and then it will be generated on the spot. You will be able to retrieve it using a download link, and once you have it then it will be all yours for the editing and the building up of something larger on top of it.

JavaScript, jQuery, Modernizr, html5shiv… you can have a page that will come with all these and more. It is up to you, and the uses that you envision putting your finished HTML5 page to.

Initializr is a free service. You will be able to generate one page after the other if that is what you need. At no point will you have to pay anything. In Their Own Words

Initializr is a simple tool to help you getting started with an HTML5 project.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let newcomers finally begin getting acquainted with the concept of HTML5.

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