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InformMeLater.comInform Me Later is a practical solution that will let you “snooze” your emails. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that Inform Me Later will let you take any email that you have received and be reminded about it at a later date.


That is why we say the site “snoozes” emails – it puts them to sleep until the time in which they are relevant comes. When that happens, you will be reminded about them so that you can do what need to be done, like paying a bill or contacting somebody.

Inform Me Later works by storing the emails you designate, and then forwarding them to you when the time arrives. And all the emails are deleted the moment they are forwarded to you – nobody else is reading them.

This web-based tool, then, makes it very easy for you to be reminded about any pending task or important appointment that lies ahead. And the fact that forwarded emails can include attachments just makes everything more flexible. In Their Own Words

“This web application was created to help those of us that have to keep up with so many daily tasks. The first product called Snooze E-mail was created to help forward important emails, files or tasks to a more convenient time. The emails sent are secured and all emails will be erased when they are sent. The only person reading these emails are you. No one else. Privacy is our top priority.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a foolproof way of dealing with tasks when they have to be seen to, without running the risk of forgetting about them.

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