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InfoGlutton.comIf you are not listening to what is being said about your company on the Social Web, then you might as well pack up and close shop. More and more each day, that is where brands prove their true reputability and worth.

Damage that takes place online is bound to affect your company to the bitter end. And the fact everything takes place so quickly on sites like Twitter simply makes it difficult to hold a firm grasp on what is being said about your company, and limit any damage before it grows out of proportion.

That is why people use services like Info Glutton – services for the tracking of the mentions any brand is the recipient of. Info Glutton can gather that information together and then provide you with statistics showcasing people’s current sentiment as regards your company.

And something that is quite commendable is that there are three basic versions of this service available: one for hotels, another for restaurants and a final one for small businesses. This degree of specificity gives the site a lot of personality, and it might make some people choose it over other resources that perform similar (but more general) services. In Their Own Words

“Online reputation management and monitoring.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the kind of tool no serious company could afford bypassing any longer.

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When will the site be updated now? What will be changed?