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InFocus.ccWhat good is sharing a full URL when all you want a friend to see is a single photo or paragraph? You have to spend ages just explaining him where to focus his attention once he has opened the link. And that can get boring pretty quickly, both for you and for the friend who you’re trying to explain things to. So, a service like comes across as a true breath of fresh air.


Basically, this service lets you have web content highlighted and shared just by getting a simple online tool that makes cropping content and sharing that the easiest thing in the world. You simply have to submit the URL to get started. And if you want, you can download and install a bookmarklet that lets you have portions of sites highlighted and shared in a single click. No need to go to the inFocus website and paste the URL that has the content to be captured, you’ll do it from the site you’re on.

This bookmarklet is available for free, and so is the service provided by the inFocus website itself. You’ll get to highlight as much content as you want, and have it shared with all of your friends. And also with your colleagues. inFocus can turn out to be a valuable tool for professional collaboration, if only because of the time it can let you all save. In Their Own Words

Highlight and share your focus on the web.

Some Questions About

What about letting you highlight more than one part of a site at once, and have that shared with friends?


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