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Imendi.comImendi is a promising site that revolves around the learning of foreign languages. You simply specify the one that you currently speak and then the one that you are keen on picking up for a smooth learning process to be commenced.

The focus here is mainly on learning new words, as slowly or quickly as you might need. Once you have chosen the two languages that apply, you will begin being presented with words to be matched. It all resembles a game, really, and that goes into making the site a more appealing one in the end.

There are really not that many languages supported yet. As a matter of fact, only four are supported – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech (the programmer is from Czech Republic). But give the site some time, it has just been launched. I am sure those who try it right now will find the whole approach cool enough. Anything that makes for improving you knowledge while having fun at the same time is always met enthusiastically, in the end. In Their Own Words

Imendi helps people to learn basic vocabulary of foreign languages. It uses simple game mechanic where you pair meanings in selected languages.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives people who want to learn a new language a very good chance to master its basic structures.

Some Questions About

When are more languages being added to the list of supported ones?

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