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ILoveYouBills.comSpread some loving around this Christmas with the help of a service like I Love You Bills. This site lets those who are not really that good when it comes to expressing their feelings find the best words to tell others how much they mean to them. And although the service is mainly used when dates such as St. Valentine’s come around, I seem to think that I Love You Bills is going to come in handy for any time in which all you want to do is telling others how wonderful and lovable they are. And Christmas certainly is such a time.

On this site, you are helped in the actual writing process of your love messages, and once you have every word in place then you can have the message delivered to your recipient via US Mail. No emails or faxes here, your loved one is getting a card with your words of affection on it. And that is but making your message even more impressive, of course. Such is the power of messages that are conveyed physically instead of digitally.

You’ll be billed according to how long your message is, and on top of that you’ll have to pay $5 for shipping and postage costs. In Their Own Words

My name is Bill, I once needed a message too. I created a message to strengthen myself and my relationship. It is possible to give a message that you care. Its a bill you like to receive and is sent by US Mail. I Love You Bills are personalized to your own life and desires. This is new concept to give a loved one a believable message. This is not an email, nor spam.

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How many I Love You bills have already been sent? Which States have seen more activity so far?