– A Tool For Merging & Splitting PDFs

ILovePDF.comThere are so many tools for editing PDFs online that you have your work cut out for you. Provided you know where to look, that’s it.

It’s not like using a word processor, where every function you are bound to use is self-contained in the same package, but it is a matter of knowing which sites map out the range of basic operations. And this one is certainly a useful one to keep in mind.

Named “I Love PDF”, it will let you perform some editing operations that may not fall in the category of recurrent ones, but which can save you an infinite amount of headaches and expletives. Using the provided set of tools you can merge and split PDFs in an equally uncomplicated fashion. Pages can be added and subtracted from any document that weighs no more that 8 MB, and new documents can be created in a breeze.

These tools are available at absolutely no cost, and once anything has been created a download link will be generated for you to retrieve the file. This link will be operational for 15 minutes. In Their Own Words

“Online tools to merge, split and manage PDF files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The operations that you can carry out through this site are not readily replicated elsewhere.

Some Questions About

Will more functionalities be added in due time?