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Iexerci.seThere is no dearth of sites on the Wold Wide Web allowing people to keep track of the amount of food they consume or their actual training programmes, and is a new one.


It claims to be the first European website to bring these very functionalities while featuring a strong and marked social media element all along.

That is, the site not only offers you the necessary tools and calendars in order to get in get in shape and track your progresses 24/7 – it actually gives you the opportunity to get to know like-minded individuals and interact with them easily. Any process is far more enjoyable if you feel you are part of a group, and something that can turn out to require so much self-control as losing weight is certainly easier if you feel that you are not alone.

Future additions will include the eventual development of a comprehensive mobile site, effectively enabling people to view and update their food diaries and training programmes while they are on the go. And iPhone apps for a wide variety of uses are likewise in the pipeline. In Their Own Words

“ is a health and fitness website with easy to use tools to guide and motivate people to the same end goal – a healthy lifestyle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking for the resources and the motivation to get in shape are certainly going to maximize a site such as this one.

Some Questions About

When is the mobile app going to be ready?


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