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Identified.comOne of the most frustrating things when trying to get a job is that you never get to know why this or that company turned you down. It happens all the time: you send your resume to a company looking for someone just like you, someone who has all your qualifications. And still, you never hear back from them. This makes things harder than they really should be, specially for young people who still place a lot of value on their ideals.

And that’s what this new service tries to fix. Identified is a system that lets people who’re looking for a job know exactly how much in demand their skills are.

Identified does this by analyzing your professional profile, and giving you a score that goes from 0 to 100. And then, it helps you bring that score higher by giving you lots of professional tips.

When analyzing your profile, Identified looks at three main things. First, it looks at your educational background. Second, it looks at your previous work experience. And finally, it looks at all the people who’re part of your same network. The more people with good scores you’ve got there, then the higher your own score will end up being.

From the above, I think it’s clear how much of an interesting professional tool Identified really is. It can let you know how employers see you, and then do all you can to be more attractive to them. Professional marketing tools like this are so few and far between that a new one truly stands out. Identifed certainly does, and I encourage you to check it out. You just need to log in with your Facebook account to get started. In Their Own Words

Identified lets you know how “in demand” you are in the market right now. That means how much companies value your professional background and what companies or people are looking for someone like you right now.

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Out of all the people who have already used this grading system, how many have scored 100 points?