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IbisReader.comIs there a better time to review a tool for reading books on your computer and mobile now that the price and the release date for the iPad have finally been confirmed, and interest in the “Kindle Killer” is stronger than ever?


This particular tool goes by the name of Ibis Reader, and it will provide you with a supple user interface for the reading of books in your desktop or mobile device of choice. That can be an iPhone, and Android or a Nexus One.

The way this reader works means that you can zoom the text in and out at will, and that the application (which is wholly web-based) will remember where it was that you left last time and display the relevant page when you open the book again.

Besides, your online library is kept as dynamic as possible since you can discover new titles to read based on these that you have already favorited. It is also important to mention that your titles are hosted in a cloud library, and you don’t need to sync anything in order to read them. Anywhere you can access the Internet is bound to suffice. In Their Own Words

“Read ePub books on your computer or mobile device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Reading books on mobile devices is all the rage. As a matter of fact, more books than apps were sold last semester. The time couldn’t be more suitable for such a release.

Some Questions About

How often are new books added for you to try out?


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