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HTML-PDF-Convert.comWe all have a story or two to tell about how we found a great site and wanted to save some portions for reading them at a later date, and when we opened them up we found that the file we had kept all along resembled a scene from “”The Towering Inferno” in terms of accessibility. That is why it is good to have tools like this one close at hand.


Its actual purpose is made completely explicit by its name. You take a URL, paste it in the provided box and then a PDF will be generated for you to save it for a rainy day.

Such a tool has plenty of other uses, obviously. For instance, you can count on it on order to share content found on any page, and share it the exact way that you could see it. Sites change by the minute, and the likelihood of you sending a link that becomes obsolete is huge. Besides, if your site is featured somewhere you might like to capture that moment for posterity. HTML to PDF Convert will let you take care of that. In Their Own Words

“Free HTML to PDF converter, Web to PDF Converter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a sure way to share content you find online in the exact shape that you found it to begin with.

Some Questions About

How much control do you have over the quality of the resulting file?


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