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HouseFix.comBringing homeowners and contractors together on the same page is the objective of HouseFix, a startup that can turn even the most complex and sprawling home renovation projects into something to be tackled with zero headaches. In essence, what HouseFix does is to let users get recommendations and advice on which contractors to hire from their neighbors, right on the Internet. That is, this startup brings offline recommendations online in a really grand way.


People who sign up for this service (which is US-only) are provided with an up-to-date map of their neighborhoods where they can see which contractors their neighbors have more recently used in their home renovation projects. Each and every single one of these is given a score (which the creators of HouseFix say is comparable to the credit score used by banks), and this score is permanently refreshed so as to reflect the reputation of contractors 100%.

And as far as contractors go, they’re enabled to monitor all the jobs they’ve got to do. They’re given the chance to quickly realize which are within the budgets that they’ve quoted, and whether or not they’ll be ready on time. And they can also create galleries with “before and after” photos, and let their work speak for itself. In Their Own Words

The future of home contracting.

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How is this better than something like Service Magic?


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