HoudiniAPI.com – Get Human Labor Fast

HoudiniAPI.comSelf-defined as the magical human labor API, Houdini deserves a lot of praise for doing something very few sites actually let you do. You see, Houdini stands as an API that makes it extremely simple to integrate human labor from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (and other crowdsourced labor pools) straight into web apps. This is done just by copying and pasting a couple of lines of code, and specifying what the postback URL for Houdini to send the finished work to is. That will be it. The work will be distributed, and once it has been finished Houdini will send the results to the postback URL you had submitted at the start of it all.

I think everybody would agree this is a novel service in itself. And what is even better is that it can be tried for free – a free trial can be initiated by filling and submitting a short form that includes information such as the number of tasks per month that you expect to handle, and their exact nature.

HoudiniAPI.com In Their Own Words

The magical human labor API.

Why HoudiniAPI.com It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it makes for instantly crowdsourcing anything.

Some Questions About HoudiniAPI.com

How is this service going to evolve, now? What has the company got in mind? HoudiniAPI.com