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Historio.usStoring and recalling content is not something necessarily easy, if only because nobody visits only one or two sites – everybody visits a dozen at the very least, and that is a voluminous amount of data even from the most conservative viewpoint.


What Historious intends to do is to provide users with a solution that makes finding specific information within these sites that they have bookmarked something far more direct.

By using it, you will be capable of finding specific words within any page that you have bookmarked, and the actual process of bookmarking a page to begin with is also simplified via the bookmarklet that is provided.

Historious searches inside the content of these sites that you have chosen to store – it doesn’t use tags or categories of any kind – and you can actually import your favorite sites from services like Delicious in order to get going in no time at all.

Ultimately, what the site does can be compared with what Google does with search, only that applied to your browsing history. And you can launch it from any browser – there are no extensions at play. As long as you can access the Internet you will be able to use this service. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever read an interesting article online and then wanted to come back to it days later but couldn’t find it any more? Bookmarks are not very effective because the sheer number and variety of websites we visit makes bookmarking a logistic nightmare.

Historious is here to help with that exact situation. It is basically a search engine for sites you like. Add (we call it “historify”) a site using our bookmarklet, our browser extensions or manually, then come back and search your historified sites by just entering some keywords!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives everybody a chance to recall useful content by looking through his browsing history only – it won’t look through all of the World Wide Web, only these sites the user has visited.

Some Questions About

Why wasn’t a service like this available before?


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