search cancel – Store Your Memories lets you do nothing short of chronicling your whole life online. By signing up for an account (it costs nothing) you’re allowed to create entries for all these things that happen to you, and that have any kind of value. The site lends itself to all kind of content, as you can record everything from having received your high school diploma to having moved with the one that you’ve loved all your life. And if having dyed your hair purple is a life-changing event for you (and there’s nothing wrong with that, really), then you can include that on your account as well.


And the service has got a really likable social side to it, as you can see what all your friends have been doing with their lives recently. You can remain on top of any friend’s activity just as easily as you would on a site such as Facebook, really. And remember, membership to the site costs absolutely nothing – you can invite your whole family and party of friends to sign up for an account, and keep you company. In Their Own Words

Histofme is a service to write and share the chronicles of your life.

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Wouldn’t the site be friendlier if it were Facebook Connect-enabled?


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