Highcharts.com – Interactive Charts Made Possible

Highcharts.comThis is one for these webmasters that need to display information such as interactive charts in order to get any point across on their sites. It will also be employable by those who are developing web applications.

Using it, the inclusion of a line, spline, pie or scatter chart is made as easy as setting down a couple of parameters in a Javascript object notation structure. That might sound a bit daunting, but it is not – it is simply a string of keys and values connected among themselves using commas and brackets.

The main value of these charts is that they are interactive, IE custom actions can be assigned to them when the user performs actions on cue like moving the mouse over a portion of it, or clicking someplace. Besides, these charts can be zoomed into at will, and the zooming itself can be in the X or Y dimension.

This is quite a useful resource to keep in mind. The one thing you must understand is that it is anything but complicated, and I think you will realize it if you give it a look by clicking on the link that is featured below.

Highcharts.com In Their Own Words

“Interactive JavaScipt charts for you webpage.”

Why Highcharts.com It Might Be A Killer

The site is certainly easy to get on terms with, and the resulting charts are compatible with most applications you can think of.

Some Questions About Highcharts.com

Will more chart types be added? What about creating some unique ones? Highcharts.com