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HeroHelpDesk.comOffering exactly what its name suggests, Hero Help Desk System is here to let companies both big and small provide a highly-professional support service to their customers.

Customer relationships management, trouble ticket management, knowledgebase management, the tracking of issues… all that can be immediately taken care of through this new application.

A simple dashboard keeps everything direct and to-the-point. and the actual implementation of the service also works in its favor, since all you have to do is pick a URL for everything to become hosted on, and then configure just a few basic aspects for the system to become operational.

And Hero Help Desk is billed based on the number of agents that use it. There are no flat fees to be paid – you will pay for it as you go along. If more agents are added later on, then the price will be adjusted accordingly. And the same applies if less people begin using it too, obviously.

HeroHelpDesk.com In Their Own Words

Customized help desk solution.

Why HeroHelpDesk.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let companies big and small provide a superior degree of support to their customers.

Some Questions About HeroHelpDesk.com

What is the minimum number of agents that a help desk must have? HeroHelpDesk.com