– Find Out Where Twitterers Are

HereBeTwitterers.comProbably one of the most appealing aspects of Twitter lies in the fact that you are communicating in real time with people who might be located at the opposite end of the world. And sometimes you don’t even know it.

Alright, you know where somebody whose account name reads SuzukiKaworu comes from, but when you are dealing with Twitterers whose usernames are something like WildFlower1765 or MusicIsMyTrueMuse you are definitely at lost. In those cases, you have no option but asking them where do they hail from. Alternatively, you can employ a tool like Here Be Twitterers and find an immediate answer to your questions.

In principle, what Here Be Twitterers allows you to do is to key in the username of any of your Twitter chums and be notified about their exact location. Easy.

The ultimate aim of the site is to let you “see all your friends on a map, and prove your social network forms an empire on which the sun never sets.” Will that apply to your Twitter persona? Or are your friends all segregated in the same part of the globe? Check the site out and find how popular in worldwide terms you truly are. In Their Own Words

“We put your social graph on the map.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be interesting to see all your followers and friends at a mere glance on a map, if only out of curiosity.

Some Questions About

How many users can you check simultaneously? Is there a limitation of any kind when it comes to that?