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HelloScheduling.comThis is a new online app that intends to make employee scheduling a smoother task for every single person involved in the process. One of its most notable features is that employees actually handle their own time slot swaps.

They also take care themselves of time off requests and days off. In practice, this means that something as numbing as micromanagement is kept off the picture as much as possible. It also means that the employer will know exactly how scheduling changes will affect the labor budgets and costs before they are made.

This solution is not aimed at a specific type of industry. Rather, any company or organization that has to deal with employee scheduling on a medium to large scale will be able to benefit from it. This includes call centers, churches, hospitals and volunteer organizations of every denomination.

A free trial can be scheduled through the site. Simply furnish your company’s information when prompted and give this new browser-hosted service a good try. The emphasis has been put on creating an easy-to-use application above all, and I think that it has paid off. But I will let you determine that for yourself. In Their Own Words

“With web-based Hello Scheduling you’ll stop wasting time on inefficient ways of employee scheduling. We’re perfect for call centers, retail stores, coffee shops, hospitals, volunteer organizations, and other businesses who want to spend more time growing their business, rather than managing time and attendance. Empower your employees to manage their shifts, keep your team happy with their time slots, maintain your labor budgets and labor costs, and always stay in control of your labor tracking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as an uncomplicated way for any company to let employees actually take control of their schedules and days off themselves, and keep micromanagement to a strict minimum.

Some Questions About

What plans are going to be eventually introduced?

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