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HealthPledge.comPromoted by the National Health Alliance (NHA), the Health Pledge is a new initiative that aims to instill healthier eating habits into people all over the country, as well as a daily routine in which exercising is a key part of it.


The site works by letting you input your eating and exercise habits and having them tracked over time.

The idea is that by looking at information such as how many servings of food you eat per day and how long you exercise and sleep your energy and stress levels will become measurable. The results, then, will be presented as a chart that calculates what you did and how it made you feel.

A service like this one is all the more valuable if only because when people start dieting they often can’t pinpoint exactly why they are feeling sunnier or gloomier. That is, they can’t determine if the lack of this or that food is what affects them. The charts that this site produces will hopefully put everything into perspective, and make the whole process of dieting a more rewarding one. In Their Own Words

“The National Health Alliance (NHA) is an organization dedicated to bringing about a healthy change in the American lifestyle. Health Pledge was created by the NHA to challenge people to eat a healthier diet and exercise.

We serve as the medium between health researchers and the general public, bridging the information gap. Unfortunately the government is inhibited from performing this job adequately. They are influenced by lobbyists, food conglomerates, and have to consider the impact that any official recommendation might have on the economy. The mainstream media also does not perform this job well because they prefer to report on the latest fad diet rather than repeatedly iterating the same old news that eating fruits and vegetables is the healthiest diet. We are an unbiased organization, with no affiliation with any food conglomerate or political agenda, and seek to educate the public about making healthy lifestyle choices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Getting (and keeping) in shape is tricky if only because measuring every single step you are taking and its effects is not easy. This website makes it all possible, and cost-effectively at that.

Some Questions About

Are the charts embeddable?


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