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Grexit.comGrexit is a new productivity tool that is available to Gmail users. The basic premise is that they will be able to create threads within their inboxes that can be shared with their collaborators and colleagues.


When a thread is created, an email will be sent to all the people who are participating on that email discussion. The discussion can then go forwards by replying to that automatically-triggered email, and the whole conversation will be saved on Grexit.

In this way, anything that could reside in your inbox which could be of use to the people who work with you will become readily accessible. And comprehensive search capabilities are provided, too – a “Search Grexit” bar will become visible when you add Grexit to your inbox.

A service like this one will be great for people who join a team at a later date, and also for tracking back problems whose solution was explained via email. It will likewise come in handy for retrieving links that any of your colleagues shared with you via email. In Their Own Words

“Your shared email memory.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers teams a focused way to collaborate around email.

Some Questions About

Does this work on all browsers?


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