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Graphient.comPresented by Graphient (a software development company headquartered in New York), Timeline is an application that can be used for the tracking of just anything that’s got any kind of timestamp to it. Tweets, images, stock transactions… if it can be contextualized temporally, then it’s something that this application can take care of monitoring on a dynamic visual timeline. And the word “dynamic” should be taken literally – users of Timebinder can manipulate the data that is graphed in a drag and drop fashion, whereas they can have disparate data types displayed in the same windows. They can likewise layer non-concurrent events for easier comparison. And data can be imported from Excel, mySQL, Delimited Text Files, Twitter, RSS Feeds and HTML tables.

All of the above turns Timebinder into a really great tool for the mapping of temporal information. Timebinder is available for Windows, Appe OSX and Linux. Single user licenses cost the same in all three cases; one will set you back $200. And 5 seat user licenses are available for $800. In Their Own Words

At Graphient, we see it as our mission to make the world a more easily understood place. With that in mind, we are proud to present Timebinder, an application that builds dynamic, visual timelines from time stamped data. Timebinder allows interactive exploration of time series and time line data in a totally new way.

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