– Measure Your Twitter Efficacy

GraphEdge.comKnowing how well you are going down in terms of Twitter is self-satisfying if you are an individual user, but if you are a company it turns into an outright necessity. It is a vital part of just any marketing campaign, and if you are in those shoes and need as much points of comparison as you could possible get then adding this site to your bookmarks is not a bad idea.

In essence, it is a sort of dashboard whereby you will be capable of seeing exactly how much of an effective outreach you have on Twitter. Through the site, it is very easy to check out how quickly (or not) your network is expanding, as well as who are these users that have chosen to unceremoniously dump you.

Furthermore, you can clearly visualize who is it that your followers are following in turn, so that strategies can be devised all the more succinctly. That will be certainly useful if you have been looking into ways of getting at this big shot or the other, and just don’t know how you could best approach him/her directly. In Their Own Words

“GraphEdge Social Analytics gives you insight into what’s happening in your Twitter network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Marketers are going to find it invaluable owing to the array of options on offer, and its follow up capabilities.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to set milestones and goals through it?